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July 29, 2012

10 of the Best: Alternate History Movie Ideas

To celebrate the release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter this weekend, I thought about how interesting it may be for other historical figures to battle the undead and other monsters. Here’s a few ideas…


1. Winston Churchill: Zombie Slayer- Our cigar chomping hero shall fight them on the beaches and anywhere else the undead slime show (what’s left of) their faces.

2. Hitler vs. Werewolves – It’s evil vs. evil as the Devil himself is pitted against some angry dogs. To quote Alien vs. Predator “Whoever wins, we lose.”

3. Genghis Khan vs. Dracula – Worth seeing just so half way through the film Dracula can get frustrated and shout “Khaaaaaaaaan.” Admit it, we NEED this to happen.

4. Baracknaphobia – The current President of the USA is forced to battle giant spiders as they spin their webs of deceit and try to take over America.

5. Ghandi vs. Frankenstein: He’s a man of peace forced to go to war against a mindless monster who has stolen his lunch.

6. Queen Victoria vs. King Kong: You thought he was dead… think again. By the magic of cloning, King Kong has been brought back to life but this time in dear old Blighty. Only her Royal Maj can save the day. It won’t be beauty that kills the beast; it’ll be her Royal Sceptre of Pain!

7. Julius Caesar: Bouny Hunter – When the Roman Empire is on the brink of collapse, Caesar is forced to earn money by any means necessary; this includes hunting various mythological creatures that are devastating the local countryside. He came, he saw, he kicked their ass.

8. Napoleon Blown Apart: An army of undead skeletons is headed for France; only one man can stop them: Napoleon. With his epic hat of treachery and tight trousers of insubordination, he answers to no man; especially one that’s been dead for a very long time.

9. Rasputin: The Badass Monk- They thought he was mad, but when he foresees a horde of giant mutant Jellyfish headed for Russia; the Tsar’s took note. He led the army to the Black Sea and they jumped on the Jellyfish, thus ending the battle with only a few sprained ankles and mild sunburn.

Would you argue with him? Me neither.

10. Beethoven vs. The Creature from the Black Lagoon: He may be deaf as a post, but he can smell this sumbitch from a 1000 yards. By playing a lullaby on the piano lulling the creature into a relaxed sleep, he then proceeds to Riverdance on said creature’s head and sends him back into the black depths from whence he came.

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