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July 30, 2012

10 of the Best (of British)

Seeing as America has become so obsessed with political correctness and filled with puny girly men, it looks like it’s fallen on the Brits to make sure such a thing as tough guys continue to exist. Here are the 10 best Brit tough guys helping to keep action alive (on screen and in real life).








1. Jason Statham – This goes without saying really. He is always a believable bad ass because even in real life you just wouldn’t mess with him. Did I spill your pint? Excuse me while I jump in front of a train. To me The Stath is the best action hero (under 50) out there today.

2. Scott Adkins – Although not a household name (yet) his turn as Boyka in the Undisputed movies is already legendary. An extremely versatile actor and martial artist; Adkins will be showing up in The Expendables 2 to have a pimp slapping competition with The Stath.

3. Liam Neeson – It was a struggle whether to put him at number one or not but it was damn close. The Stath’s scowl just won out. Our Liam will find you and kill you in Taken; one of the best action movies of the past decade. He can punch out puny wolves in The Grey, teach Bruce Wayne and Obi-Wan Kenobi how to kick ass, release a Kraken or two and he even went up against Dirty Harry himself in The Dead Pool.

4. Michael “bloody” Caine – Alfred in Nolan’s Batman series but more importantly Harry Brown. You failed to maintain your weapon, sir! Well Sir Michael, you have not failed to retain your badassery. Also starred in the original Get Carter, The Italian Job and Alfie. A legend in every sense of the word.

5. Christian Bale – Did you just walk past him while he was filing a scene? Ohhh big mistake. I hope you don’t like your lights, because that shit is about to get TRASHED! A famously bad tempered and intense actor who is extremely versatile. He can play Batman one minute and extremely skinny people in The Machinist next. One of the best in the business just now.

6. Sean Bean – The man has died more times on screen than anyone. When some foolish mortal tried to pick a fight with him in London last year, Bean got stabbed in the arm defending a woman. He laughed it off, went back inside and ordered another beer… then ate the other man’s soul.

7. Vinnie Jones – Another real life tough guy; He made Gazza cry by literally crushing his balls many years ago. That would make any man cry, never mind the fact some dude smashed a pint glass in his face and all it did was piss Vinnie off. He went after the guy and beat the shit out of him. Vinnie has also kicked a load of ass in a ton of actioners over the past decade: The Condemned where he plays a particularly nasty psycho, Swordfish, X-Men 3, Snatch, Lock Stock, Kill the Irishman and the upcoming The Tomb with Sly and Arnie. Do NOT mess!

8. Gerard Butler – Leonidis in 300 eats hearty in the morning and dines in Hell in the evening. A fellow Scot, although there are no reports of bar fights, rumour has it he eats broken glass for breakfast.*

9. Daniel Craig – James Bond himself isn’t afraid to speak his mind and call out The Kardashians, while also being married to the lovely Rachel Weisz. Mr. Bond I salute you.

10. Clive Owen – The best Bond who never was; he oozes cool and sophistication and yet has an underlying coldness. Went up against The Stath in Killer Elite and lived to tell the tale. That deserves mad respect. Oh and let’s never forget that he can kill bad guys with vegetables in Shoot ‘Em Up.

*Completely untrue.

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Eoin Friel
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