July 29, 2012

Out of Breath Actors

Have you ever noticed how a select few actors always seem to sound like they’re short of breath? No matter what the role is, they always seem to sound like they’re going to pass out. Here’s the top 4 off the top of my head. Anyone I’m missing?





1. Joe Morton: Poor Joe, in every role I’ve seen him in (Miles Dyson in T2, Mac in Speed, Executive Decision, Smallville, etc) the man is always on the brink of death. When on the brink you’re gonna be short of breath (obviously) but Joe ALWAYS seems short of breath. Is it asthma? Or is he just unfit? “I… don’t know… how… much… longer… I can hold it!” BOOM!







2. Danny Glover: The man was born too old for this shit and I don’t remember him ever being young. Think about it; name one film where he was young. From Lethal Weapon to Predator 2, Danny has always had that out of breath quality, wheezing away. Interesting tidbit; he stars alongside Kiefer in Touch so they can compete with each other about who is more out of breath.







3. Kiefer Sutherland: DAMMIT! Understandable really that Jack Bauer is always out of breath, from running around like a blue arsed fly to killing pesky terrorists and shouting at Chloe on the phone. You’d think after all this exercise he’d be fitter and wouldn’t be so tired all the time. It’s not just 24 though; watch Dark City and Touch and the poor lad is still totally beat. Take a seat son, before you fall down.







4. Jack Palance: The late, great legend Jack clearly didn’t spend enough time on the treadmill and spent most of his time smoking and being awesome. Need examples of out of breathiness? Jack…Youuuu…are number one ah… guyyy (Batman) Tango…. and … Cash!

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Eoin Friel
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