July 29, 2012

Action Breakdown #3: Wardrobe

You know that saying “Clothes make the man”? Well, that statement is fact. Clothes definitely leave a first impression and that quote is never truer than with our lead action protagonist. Nothing screams out ACTION! like a bitchin’ set of shades or a nice set of boots. Let’s take a gander at some items that are prime to make you hero material:

Shades: Shades or sunglasses as they are known is almost like a pre-requisite for an action hero. The Terminator, Marion Cobretti, or James Bond, sunglasses definitely up the cool factor. There’s just something subtly cool and mysterious about wearing sunglasses that just feels right.

Wife-Beater: The classic wife beater only these people beat up bad guys instead (Never hit women. Learn from Chris Brown). Cameron Poe and John McClane are the main stars of this look and it works because it is dirty, gritty, and no big preparation other than some muscles. You know they mean business when they have no sleeves.

General Lack of Hygiene: While looking good for the ladies is always good, action movies don’t need pretty boys and fancy suits all the time. All that is needed is a dirty slob who hasn’t shaved in three weeks, probably hasn’t showered in three days, and wears clothes that probably smell like a cigarette ash tray and nachos. The disheveled look is always the go to look especially if you are an alcoholic which leads me to….

Cigarettes and Alcohol: Not really an item of clothing per say, but a necessity to go along with the wardrobe. Like an accessory if you think about it. Cigarettes, cigars, and a bottle of booze is the perfect combination with all the items mentioned above. Take a look at psychotic Martin Riggs for a moment. Disheveled look, cigarettes, and alcohol everywhere he turns. The man is practically an artist at this.

Jacket: Whether it is a regular jacket or a leather jacket, it is requirement to wear especially in the 80s. Leather jackets especially. It contributes to the mysterious badass mystique I was talking about along with the sunglasses. It just works. It isn’t just for bikers.


Well, that’s all the time I have for this installment. I hope you took notes and are preparing to cut showers off your days and are out purchasing some cool aviators. Until next time.

About the Author

My name is Omar and I love action movies. I grew up loving action films thanks in part to my father who would deliver a healthy dose of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Seagal in my movie diet. Ever since then, I continue to love the genre more and more and go along perfectly with my love for the horror genre. What other movie genre can specialize in giving you pure adrenaline and excitement in every turn?



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