July 29, 2012


Last night I had the pleasure of attending a short film premiere in Toronto; the film in question was called All-In and starred Tyler Williams who I interviewed a few weeks ago for the site.

I have to say that All-In was one of the best short films I’ve ever seen. The fight choreography was fantastic as was the camera work/direction. No shaky cam, which is always refreshing.

The film was shown in a cool place called The Projection Booth, which I discovered is quite a long walk from College Street.

Anyway, the plot of All-In is as follows: A struggling fighter (Tyler Williams) faces long odds as he takes on an entire gambling den of criminals in order to save his true love from sexual slavery at the hands of a ruthless crime boss.

What ensues is 10 minutes of ass-kickery, which was more impressive than most big-budget fare you see these days. Williams has great screen presence and the cast in general did a fabulous job. It’s the kind of story I’d love to see as feature length and really get to know these characters.

The official website fo All-In can be found here:

The trailer can be watched below:

Before the film we got a couple of trailers and one REALLY grabbed our attention; it was called Concrete. It’s plot is as follows: CONCRETE is an independent Action Feature from Team BM (Matthew Bennett and Sasha Moric) and Samo International Films.

The city is stacked in a strip of blocks.  Each block is run by a different gang.  Moving from block to block… has consequences.

John ‘Concrete’ has one night to do the impossible.  Fight his way through 11 district blocks to rescue the one he loves.

We also got a hilarious trailer to a action/comedy web series called Pete Winning and the Pirates – Season One!

The plot is as follows: Ahoy! You love pirates. You love laser guns. And we know you love swashbuckling adventures! Help us make season one of our new adventure-comedy web series!

These are the kinda guys we need making movies today so please help fund any future projects as they are the real deal. No PG-13 shit here, kids!

Click on the following link and you can find further info on all the films discussed here:

Well done to Tyler and the cast and crew for creating an exciting short film and an entertaining evening all round. Thanks guys.

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