July 29, 2012

An Evening With Sylvester Stallone

So, last night I was in Niagara Falls with the family and we went to “An Evening with Sly Stallone”. It was in the same venue as the Al Pacino show we went to last year. Thankfully I knew the score before I got there. As usual it’s run with the ruthless efficiency you can only find in Canada. “Have fun… but not TOO much.” No photos allowed and pre-recorded questions from the “audience” are what make up the Q & A session. So a note to everyone who plans on going in the future, the Q & A is actually a con and you won’t get to ask anything.

Aside from these gripes the evening was a success, the host wasn’t quite as much of a sycophant that the last guy was for Pacino and the questions were pretty decent (mine would have been better).

It was so weird to actually see Sly Stallone in real life, this lifelong idol of mine walks on stage and the place went wild. He’s a surprisingly intimidating character and I wouldn’t want to spill his pint. Once he started talking though, he was self deprecating and very funny.

He talked about his childhood and growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. A tough place which has since been renamed to the nicer name of  “Clinton.”

He was a smaller kid who got picked on and decided to beef himself up, then became the man we all know and love.

Sly has always been an underdog which is why he is such a star. He’s kinda like the character of Rocky, who everyone always underestimates. He talked about getting Rocky made and all the hurdles he had to overcome in order to get it made. He was so poor he apparently had to sell his dog (for $50). Once the film got released and he made some money, he ended up buying the dog back for $15,000.

He also spoke of the first Rambo flick and how it was a mess when they shot it and ended up cutting about an hour from it and making the character more monosyllabic. He had many arguments about whether the character should die at the end. After an audience test screening it was agreed that Rambo would survive.

He talked about the violence in the fourth movie and how it was actually watered down compared to what goes on in Burma in real life.  He also mentioned that Rambo’s journey may never be over and that he’s not the kind of guy who will just tend to horses in Arizona. Expect Rambo 5 soon, kids!

Stallone is a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and discussed how he would love to make a film about his life. He wouldn’t star in it but would love some young actor to play Poe.

Now for the most interesting part, Stallone talked about the lack of young action stars today. He said kids today are into superheroes but that things would change and that old school action movies would end up making a comeback. Let’s hope it’s true cos I’m sick of comic book movies. He shouted to the audience to create a new younger action star because once he, Arnie and Bruce aren’t around anymore, there’s no one to replace them. I felt depressed after that because it is very true. I would say that Jason Statham is the only true younger action star, he doesn’t make shitty family movies in between and keeps it old school.

At the end the “audience” asked a few questions. One of the questions was “what film of his would he have liked to have been more successful?”

His answer was “F.I.S.T.” then “Cop Land” which is a very under rated movie, I might add. A few audience members (including myself) also shouted out “Cobra.”

He was also asked which is harder, making action movies or raising daughters? The daughters won, no contest.

The Expendables 2 got mentioned briefly. Someone asked what stage it was at and he said “oh that’s all up to the director and studio now. I just acted in this one.”  He seemed somewhat defensive and I think was expecting THE question but no one asked about the PG-13 rating. Really though, who cares? He’s so awesome I’m still gonna see it. Like he said, he isn’t responsible for the rating.

Overall the evening was amazing and Sly is a complete legend. I only wish I could have met him. Maybe someday I can interview him for this site.

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Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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