July 29, 2012

Are Video Games the New Action Movies?

As you all know, this site is all about our love of the action genre. After seeing the amount of money “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” has made in 5 days ($750 Million) it got me thinking. Games are now surpassing movies in terms of not only box office, but also sheer scale and imagination.

Few movies make that kind of green in their entire cinematic run and they also don’t have the budgets to create the amazing worlds that are created in modern Video Games.

Aside from the COD franchise, there are a load of other game franchises that make an obscene amount of cash (Bioshock, Uncharted, etc). Video games allow the creators to run rampant with their imaginations and if they can think it, they can create it. Bioshock especially has visuals the like of which you rarely see in movies.

When I was growing up, we had the SNES, Sega Genesis, etc and while they were great fun, they didn’t have film score composers creating the full-on orchestral music. The Call of Duty games alone have used the biggest names in the business (Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler) and that is only going to expand and improve over the years.

A-List actors are also lending their talents to video games: Many action stars can still kick ass in video games, even if they get older and their real bodies can no longer handle the pace.

I think that sooner rather than later, video games will be so fully interactive that they may even surpass going to the cinema. Why sit in a dark theatre with a bunch of smelly strangers when you can immerse yourself in an interactive movie in the comfort of your own home?

But this could also be a double edged sword, I don ‘t think everyone will give up going to the cinema to play computer games, but more importantly I don’t think they should. I’m a huge advocate for human interaction. I like the idea of going out and talking to real people and getting some exercise.

With the current lack of imagination (sometimes) in recent movies, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Video Games are as popular as they are and it will only increase.

I personally think that is how the action genre has evolved and wil continue to do so. Why watch an actor blow shit up when you can do it yourself?

I look forward to seeing how the next generation of video games looks and if eventually, games and movies become the same thing.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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