July 29, 2012

Cut Scenes

Don’t you hate it when you see a trailer to a movie then when you watch it in the theatre half of the stuff from the trailer isn’t in it? So I’m gonna try and find a bunch of films where this has been the case. The most recent one is:

Iron Man 2: You Complete Me! Ummm apparently she doesn’t as this wasn’t in it.

LOTR TRILOGY: Pretty much all the LOTR movies but thankfully they did release the Extended Editions but even then there is one scene with some Elven looking peeps prancing in a forest, could be 2 chicks, can’t really remember though.

Rambo 4 AKA John Rambo: There was a load of scenes which were in a clip I watched that weren’t in the finished movie, some extra stuff with Stallone and Julie Benz. You deleted scenes with Julie Benz? That’s crazy chat! (Since writing this I have since purchased John Rambo on Blu ray with all of the deleted scenes and despite Nite Owls protestations, I prefer the Director’s Cut)

Harry Potter: Loads of stuff from the Potter movies, they were at least added as deleted scenes on to the DVD’s.

Terminator 2: This gets a special mention despite all the scenes being added on to the DVD version but I remember seeing the Kyle Reese scene in clips before the film came out then in the cinema I was like “What the deuce?”

Twister and Black Christmas(Remake) all sorts of stuff cut out.

Con Air: Where are we gonna land this thing? How do you feel about the Black Jack tables? Nope that didn’t make the movie.

If anyone can think of anymore let me know and I’ll update this.

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Eoin Friel
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