July 29, 2012

My Thoughts: Total Recall & Dredd Remakes

Remakes are everywhere nowadays and here are two more remakes that take loved classics and updating them for a new audience. We have the Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell and directed by Len Wiseman and Dredd starring Karl Urban in the titular role. Here’s my two cents for both of these films:

The original Total Recall is a classic in the action genre and one of my favorite sci-fi films ever. It’s cheesy and goofy, but it features some great action, effects, and an interesting story. I never read the Phillip K. Dick novel so I don’t know if the remake or original are more faithful to his vision. I’m going based on the original movie and the new movie is obviously going for a more serious route. I’m fine with taking things with a serious tone. It looks interesting enough just on the plot alone. The look of the movie is good and it looks to have some cool action sequences. Plus, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale fighting hand to hand is all good in my eyes. Colin Farrell isn’t a bad actor, but we’ll see what he can do here. I just can’t shake the fact that it somehow withdrew some of the more fantastical elements from the original and I’m not even talking about the three boobed chick. The original had mutants, people sticking out of stomachs, Arnie’s head ballooning up, and Richter going to the party. I doubt we will have that in Wiseman’s version of the story. This one is more of a wait and see type of occasion. I’m intrigued, but not excited to see it in the theaters. Maybe a rental in the future unless future trailers can sell me on this version.

Dredd is a much more forgiving venture for me. The original Judge Dredd is goofy fun, but it can be improved upon in some aspects. I’m not the biggest fan of Karl Urban though so he has to show off his “Law-ness” in a trailer to sell me his performance. However, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirbley will star in it as well so that’s a positive. It’s also keeping the R rated violence so I can fully expect the law to be brought down. All I need is a trailer. Still waiting for it by the way.

About the Author

My name is Omar and I love action movies. I grew up loving action films thanks in part to my father who would deliver a healthy dose of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Seagal in my movie diet. Ever since then, I continue to love the genre more and more and go along perfectly with my love for the horror genre. What other movie genre can specialize in giving you pure adrenaline and excitement in every turn?



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