July 29, 2012

Transported to the 80’s

2013 will literally start with a bang as three of the biggest and iconic stars in the action genre will have their own individual films coming out within a few weeks from each other. After their epic team up in Expendables 2, these three men will arrive at theaters with their own respective action movies and harkening back to the 80’s when they were the primary draws at the box office. Schwarzenegger will star in The Last Stand (his much anticipated return to movies), Stallone will star in Bullet to the Head, and Willis will return to his Die Hard franchise with A Good Day to Die Hard. As a youngling compared to my peers, I never had the pleasure to experience watching these men at the screen in their prime when they did action movies round the clock.

This is sort of a unique experience for me as an action fan. Many others have seen movies like Die Hard, Tango & Cash, and Raw Deal in the theaters while I discovered them through my father and just plain browsing. It’s an exciting concept for me to see these three icons on the big screen within a few weeks from each other. I bet this is what it felt to be alive in the 80’s and being an action fan.

Here’s to all three men and much success in their respective films and leading to many other potential projects to further fulfill this 80’s like atmosphere for me.

About the Author

My name is Omar and I love action movies. I grew up loving action films thanks in part to my father who would deliver a healthy dose of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Seagal in my movie diet. Ever since then, I continue to love the genre more and more and go along perfectly with my love for the horror genre. What other movie genre can specialize in giving you pure adrenaline and excitement in every turn?



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