July 29, 2012

Under(Rated) the Spotlight: Hard Rain

I think some of you have heard in passing about this little action/disaster film from the late 90’s. It is based around an armored truck driver (Christian Slater) who gets caught during a massive flood while being chased by a couple of thieves lead by Morgan Freeman.

It is all a cat and mouse chase film set within a massive flood that has overtaken a small town. The plot is actually rather inventive and takes advantage of the flood subplot. The robbers use jet skis to chase down our hero, boats and cars are used , and many other great action scenes based around the flood. The jet ski chase scene set inside a high school is fun and inventive. The disaster scenes revolving around the flood are actually well done. It gives an ordinary robbery scenario some much needed urgency. Add some corrupt cops (led by Randy Quaid) and a love interest (Minnie Rogers) and you have a fast paced and entertaining action movie with a disaster movie background. Slater is actually pretty good in the leading role. Morgan Freeman is always awesome and he still is in this movie. Watch out for a great cameo from Betty White.

Definite watch if you’re into robbery movies and disaster movies.

About the Author

My name is Omar and I love action movies. I grew up loving action films thanks in part to my father who would deliver a healthy dose of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Seagal in my movie diet. Ever since then, I continue to love the genre more and more and go along perfectly with my love for the horror genre. What other movie genre can specialize in giving you pure adrenaline and excitement in every turn?



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