July 29, 2012

What Kind of Action Hero Are You?

Action heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They come in different packages that differentiate one from another. That’s the variety that draws us to the action genre. There’s never one kind of hero to root for. What are they you might ask? Well, let’s take a gander:

The Dirty Drunk: The man who cleans his mouth with a bottle of whiskey every morning. Shaving is not in his schedule. His clothes smell of beer and shame. He is way past his prime and has family issues. He’s the underdog of the movie and you want him to get back up and succeed. But he can keep the drinking up. And the sarcasm.

The Brooding Vigilante: A man haunted by his past. He’s been wronged before and now he goes through life pondering on what could’ve been and he’s very bitter about it. Don’t mess with the man. He will destroy you and wish you were dead. Consoling him or helping him with his revenge plan can definitely get you on his good side.

The Dynamic Duo: The duo that work hard and play hard. The two guys that will stop at nothing to stop the bad guys. The ones that will infuriate family members and police chiefs for fun. They will watch each others backs no matter what. An impenetrable force.

The Martial Arts Master: Whether he knows martial arts or can just plain fight, you don’t mess with the guy. He will pummel you to a pulp without breaking a sweat. He will kick your head into a brick wall with ease. He can even squish your head into mush if he wanted.

The One Man Army: I think this is self-explanatory.

The Spy: Suave, sophisticated, and deadly. He can charm any woman into the bedroom while killing forty henchmen with a pistol. He’s smart and cunning. A gentleman and a killer.

About the Author

My name is Omar and I love action movies. I grew up loving action films thanks in part to my father who would deliver a healthy dose of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Seagal in my movie diet. Ever since then, I continue to love the genre more and more and go along perfectly with my love for the horror genre. What other movie genre can specialize in giving you pure adrenaline and excitement in every turn?



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