August 10, 2012

What’s With The Lens Flare?

Anyone notice how so many movies now have an overuse of lens-flare? The most recent films that spring to mind are J.J. Abram’s Star Trek, Battleship, Lockout and more, all have this effect and it’s really distracting.

According to Wikipedia “A lens flare is often deliberately used to invoke a sense of drama. A lens flare is also useful when added to an artificial or modified image composition because it adds a sense of realism, implying that the image is an un-edited original photograph of a “real life” scene.”

Funny, I don’t recall it adding a sense of realism, I just want someone to take the bloody torch out of my face. Star Trek 2009 is one of the worst culprits, with the over use of lens flare every two seconds.The film is still awesome though.

It’s not as big an annoyance as shaky cam, but it is an effect that is definitely more prevalent in modern movies, especially sci-fi.

Lens flare is fine in small doses but when it distracts you from what is going on in the movie, then it becomes an annoyance. I’m a huge fan of J.J. and consider him one of the most interesting people in Hollywood just now, but please cut out the lens flare for Star Trek 2.

Is this a massive problem in the grand scheme of things? Nope, but it’s Friday night and I’m bored.




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