September 14, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer

I haven’t been much of a gamer for a few years but Aliens is one of my favourite movies and to see it realised like this is extremely cool. In this game you get to play as the Marines, including Hicks and Hudson while blasting lots of Alien ass. The full game will be released in February 2013.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



Operation: Aliens – The Long Lost Alien Cartoon!

I thought I’d take a look at a long lost Aliens project that Fox had brewing in the early 90’s. My interest was piqued again for this while re-reading the Dark Horse Aliens vs. Predator Omnibuses recently (I love t...
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Lance Henriksen Interview

I thought before the year ends I would share my interview with Lance Henriksen as some of you hadn’t heard it before. It really is one of my favourite interviews and to chat with this legend was such an honour. We chat ab...
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Michael Biehn Interview

We recently got to chat with legendary actor, writer and director Michael Biehn. Star of The Victim, Treachery, The Divide, Aliens, Tombstone, The Terminator, Cherry Falls, The Abyss, The Rock and many more. Thanks so much for ...
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