September 12, 2012

Independence Day Sequels Have Titles

Yes, you read that correctly, Independence Day isn’t just getting 1 sequel but 2. The titles will be ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two. I enjoyed the original Independence Day, it was good fun and had some great smashy smashy. But it was out a long time ago and I think the idea of a sequel is more than a little late. Most kids today won’t have even seen the original and will probably consider Battle: Los Angeles the Big Alien Invasion flick of their lifetime, no bad thing mind you as I love Battle: LA.

Also, isn’t it “uncool” or “cheesy” to have anything patriotic these days? Surely a film like the original just wouldn’t work now.

Apparently these sequels will also be released in 3D, but won’t be shot in 3D. Uh Oh! They will be shot in 2D and up-converted… because that has always worked so well up until now. Admittedly up-conversion is a little better now, but if they really need to make it 3D then just shoot it that way so it looks better.

No word on whether the films have any financing yet or if any of the original cast will be appearing but more information will be released in the coming months, no doubt.

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