September 25, 2012

This Week’s DVD/Blu Ray Releases 25/09/2012

There’s a movie out today, not sure if you’ve heard of it but I think it’s called The Avengers. It was a moderate hit earlier on this year but mostly went unseen. It only made over a billion dollars in its first week of release so yeah… surprised it didn’t go straight to DVD.


The Avengers is the big bugdet Marvel movie with all the heavy hitters smashing things generally doing superhero stuff.


You can buy The Avengers on Blu Ray and DVD below over at Amazon. For this week it’s at the reasonable price of $19.99 on Blu Ray.





It’s quite a good week for comic book fans as it also sees the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 which was pretty awesome, per my review yesterday.

There’s probably a bunch of other movies out this week but nobody’s going to care.

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