November 6, 2012

Steven Seagal Not Interested in Being Expendable?

Our friends over at Expendables Premiere have posted a snippet of an interview with Steven Seagal and they discuss a potential role in the Expendables 3.


Speaking of sequels and all that stuff, is being in the next “Expendables” ever going to be a reality? Have you had conversations about that? Is it something that is interesting to you personally?

There are lots of folks, including the people who own it, that have asked me to do it. I just, at this point, am not real interested in that, to be honest with you.

Yeah, they came out with the new one and, from where I sit, everybody’s question was, “Where is Steven Seagal?” So the fans are very interested, as I am sure you know.
I didn’t really see the story, but if they had a story that was a great story I would probably be interested.

If you were to assemble your own kind of “Expendables” – people you respect the most, whether they’re actors or a fighter or what not – who would be in that?
A lot of the great action guys are in there: Jason Stratham, Jet Li, and guys like that … Of course, some of the people in there I wouldn’t really want to work with but some of them I would, and that’s what makes horse races. Everybody has a different tast


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