November 25, 2012

What’s Next for Batman?

So Christopher Nolan has now finished his Dark Knight Trilogy and Warner Bros. are already talking about rebooting the series and creating a Justice League movie. I guess it could work, but personally I’d love them to do something really ballsy and try Batman Beyond: The futuristic Batman movie where Bruce Wayne trains Terry McGinnis as the next Batman.

According to the always accurate Wikipedia “there was also a planned Batman Beyond live action feature, to be written by Paul Dini. However, Warner Bros. shelved the project and eventually went with the Batman Begins concept instead”. The picture I’ve used is some concept art for the movie which just makes me want to see it even more.

The Joker is still in Batman Beyond so you could bring him back in some capacity but personally I’d rather not see him for many years yet. Perhaps bring in The Jokerz, who tend to dress in clownish costumes and makeup like their namesake. They are a gang of criminals who use Gotham as their personal playground.

There’s a whole batch of new villains including Stalker, Shriek and Payback which could all bring something fresh and new to the table. I doubt there are that many people out there who want to see another Batman series that sticks to the same formula and same villains, so that’s why I vote to change it up.

I just have the feeling that a Justice League movie is a bad idea, I can’t say why, it just doesn’t feel right.

Anyway, what do you guys think; would you like to see Batman Beyond, a Justice League Movie, a Batman reboot or would you rather not see Batman for several years?

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Eoin Friel
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