November 3, 2012

Which director is the best fit for Star Wars: Episode VII?

So… what in the world is a Star Wars fan to do for the next few grueling weeks, until more solid news about Episode VII is announced? Why, speculate of course! Here are some of my thoughts on possible directors, whose names have been mentioned in the last few days.


(Joss Whedon) – Yes, Joss has successful ties with Disney already and that is precisely why this will not be happening. Disney is going to do all they can to insure that their investment in the Avengers franchise doesn’t crumble now and that includes not spreading its director too thin between another promising franchise. Not to mention that Avengers 2 is slated for the same release time, so how could it even work?

(Michael Bay) – Dear God, please no.

(Brad Bird) – The whirling 1952 (or 1906… whatever the name) rumors are everywhere on the internet and the “debunking” of those rumors on the internet are only making conspiracy theorist that much more suspicious. If the “Blue Harvest” theory were true though, I am honestly not crazy about the thought. Bird’s not a bad director, but he needs to get his feet wet in a smaller sci-fi project, before handing him the keys to the greatest one in cinema history. Maybe, if 1952 does well he could be a possibility for later episodes.

(Tim Burton) – This would be the strangest marriage in film history. I like Burton’s vision as much as the next fan, but even Bay would be better suited for this project than Burton.

(Robert Zemeckis) – I actually would be very excited to hear this news. But, it’s not gonna happen. I don’t think Disney or Zemeckis have any interest in this union.

(Peter Jackson) – No.

(Sam Raimi) – No.

(M. Night) – Hell no.

(Guillermo Del Toro) – This possibility is intriguing. But, is Del Toro’s vision a little too “left field” to fit with the other episodes in the Star Wars universe?

(Christopher Nolan) – This is just ridiculous.

(Steven Spielberg) – If Spielberg is gonna be doing anything with Lucas as “creative consultant” it’s going to be Indy V; period.

(Jon Favreau) – I love Favs! Iron Man is one of my favorite comic films and Zathura is a fun sci-fi film as well. But, I don’t think he is quite ready to tackle something on this scale yet.

(J. J. Abrams) – Abrams just finished shooting for Star Trek 2, so I know that a lot of big Abrams fans are hopeful. But, this just isn’t going to happen. Disney would be stupid to attempt this. Many casual movie goers still get Star WARS and Star TREK mixed up as it is. Let’s not give them one more reason to be confused.

(Joseph Kosinski) – This is actually my favorite choice. He is already affiliated with Disney and has proven that he has a great vision for sci-fi. It’s not his fault that the pacing of Tron Legacy was taxing at times. It doesn’t change the fact that the movie was beautiful.


So, what do you guys think? Any other personal choices? Gore Verbinski? Ron Howard? Quentin Tarantino? Clint Eastwood? Uwe Boll?

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Movies have been a big part of my life since the creation of the VCR. They have always been a way for me to escape. The action genre allowed that feeling more than any other, because the heroes in these films were living in an ordinary world, but were doing extraordinary things. Watching action movies encourages my imagination to explore while I am doing even the most mundane thing and make it exciting. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and keep action alive, no matter how old you get.



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