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December 2, 2012

10 of the Best: JCVD Fight Scenes

A few weeks ago I posted my personal favourite Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, so today I thought I would bring up the subject of his best fight scenes.

It’s a tough list to choose from as JCVD has had his fair share of awesome fight scenes and this list probably changes any time I watch one of his films.






10. The Quest: Christopher Dubois vs. Khan (Mongolian Fighter) – Van Damme’s underrated directorial debut has some fantastic fight sequences and the best of course is the final battle. Beautifully shot and Khan is an extremely intimidating adversary.

9. Double Impact: Chad/Alex (I can’t remember which one) vs. Moon (Bolo Yeung) – I love this movie and the final fight sequences are fantastic, this just wins but I also love the scene with Van Damme beating the crap out of the cowboy and you only see the silhouette. Nice.

8. The Expendables 2: Barney Ross vs. Jean Vilain – Although it’s too short, it’s fantastic to see these two legends finally battle. Ross really does have the upperhand throughout most of the fight though and it really doesn’t end well for poor JCVD.

7. The Shepherd: Border Patrol: Jack Robideaux vs. Karp (Scott Adkins) – This film gets a lot of hate but it’s actually pretty decent and this final fight scene demonstrates why. Adkins as we all know is one of the best martial artists in the world and watching these two titans clash is the stuff of legend.

6. Cyborg: Gibson Rickenbacker vs. Fender Tremolo – This has always been a pretty vicious and underrated sci-fi/action film. Fender is the Devil himself and when the two men finally have their mano-a-mano, limbs will be broken. It is a little unintentionally funny though as Fender keeps going “Arggh!” a lot.

5. Death Warrant: Burke vs. The Sandman – Patrick Kilpatrick was amazing in this role and this final fight has the extra threat of being in a prison; even if Burke wins, will the prisoners just allow an undercover cop to walk out?

4. Lionheart: Leon vs. Atilla – Another personal favourite; to me this is Van Damme’s “Rocky”, he’s an underdog and you root for him right from the start. Although Atilla doesn’t get much in terms of characterisation, he’s a big enough physical threat that you know Leon will get hurt REALLY bad before the fight finishes. It takes the betrayal of his best friend for Leon to suggest a “wrong bet” has been made and he then proceeds to rearrange Atilla’s face.

3. Universal Soldier: Andrew Scott vs. Frank Deveraux – One of my all time favourite movies with one of my all time favourite final fight scenes. Dolph is on career best form in this movie and he’s clearly having a great time.  When JCVD and Dolph finally have their final battle, it’s a fight for the ages. The fight looks like Van Damme has no chance of defeating his adversary until he manages to grab the muscle enhancing serum. He rises (in slo-mo) with the fire blazing behind him (hero shot) and then runs at Dolph. He then proceeds to beat the living hell out of him before throwing him onto a conveniently placed combine harvester and thus giving us the greatest bad guy death of all time.

2. Kickboxer: Kurt Sloan vs. Tong Po – I love this movie and Tong Po is just pure evil; in this final fight you’re really emotionally involved in it after everything Po has done, especially to the lovely Mylee. I love the broken glass around the hands, which adds a real sense of threat to the fight. Po is also a dirty, cheating swine just like Chong Li in Bloodsport.

1. Bloodsport: Frank Dux vs. Chong Li – Despite the frankly bizarre facial expressions of Bolo Yeung, this fight scene is amazingly choreographed and really showed the world how great JCVD is at martial arts. Bolo always plays a great bad guy and he’s never been better than in this movie. Like Tong Po, he has to cheat to try and beat Frank Dux. He is of course mistaken and promptly gets his ass handed to him. A genuinely fierce opponent and when Frank defeats him you’ll be cheering with the crowd.

Honourable mentions: Double Team: Mickey Rourke vs. Van Damme. Replicant: Van Damme vs. Van Damme.

So those are my personal favourites, but what are yours?

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