December 4, 2012

Is 2012 a Disappointing Year in Movies?

It was supposed to be the best year for movies of all time, but was it really? Sure the big tent-pole superhero movies have made a lot of money but frankly, I don’t think there’s any movies I’ve seen this year that I consider a “classic”. I loved Expendables, Safe, etc, but overall a lot of the box office has been disappointing especially for children’s movies.

Rise of the Guardians has not been a hit at all and apparently Dreamworks will be losing about $50 million from that alone. Paranorman also failed and it was released at the same time as The Dark Knight Rises, but it also disappeared without trace.

Are audiences finally getting tired of CGI animated films? I must say that I actually feel sorry for the studios recently as they mustn’t have a clue which way to turn as nothing is a guaranteed box office hit. Kid’s movies aren’t making money, adult films aren’t making money, so what’s the deal?

The thing is it’s not that straightforward, Wreck it Ralph was a big hit and it’s a kid’s movie. So why was that a hit but Rise & Paranorman failures? The only reason I can see for Paranorman failing is the Aurora shooting, but it didn’t affect the box office for Batman. Perhaps Rise was only targeted at kids and there was nothing that appealed to adults.

It’s not just the kid’s movies either, look at Dredd; it flat-lined despite being awesome, but it’s difficult to pinpoint what the cause of its failure was except that maybe outside of the UK the character is relatively unknown.

Despite my love for The Expendables 2, it had a smaller box office tally than the original film, but only in the US; thanks to international audiences it surpassed $300 Million.

A lot of the movies that have been massive hits, I haven’t been a huge fan of: The Hunger Games was poorly directed and I don’t think I could ever sit through it again. Syfall, everyone keeps saying how good it is, but I found it bland and lacking any personality. There are a few more movies whose popularity I don’t understand but I won’t go into them here.

Killing Them Softly’s meagre box office once again suggests that even with an A-List star such as Brad Pitt, box office isn’t guaranteed proving that star power is truly dead.

2013 isn’t exactly blowing my skirt up in terms of movies either; a load more superhero movies including Man of Steel which is already gathering a bit of backlash. Fans of Superman aren’t really looking for a gritty,”realistic” approach to the hero which Nolan will be bringing to it. I need to see more footage before I make my mind up but the teaser trailers were the most underwhelming of all time. Watch as Superman goes fishing… yaay?

It’s difficult to know what has happened with this year’s box office and what can be learned from it. Audiences today are more unpredictable than ever so nothing is a guaranteed block-buster. It will be interesting to see what the biggest hits of 2013 will be though.



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