December 4, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Hits Blu Ray/DVD Today

Christopher Nolan’s finale to his Dark Knight Trilogy arrives on Blu ray and DVD today, personally I’m awaiting my Limited Cowl edition (pictured) to arrive from Amazon. Neerrrd!Yeah I know but I don’t care. Anyway, if you didn’t know already these are the specs for the release.

      • Second Screen Experience (Disc 1, HD): Download the Dark Knight Rises FX app to your mobile phone or tablet, sync it with your Blu-ray player via your network, select the launch button in the app and enjoy exclusive content while watching the film.
      • Production (Disc 2, HD, 68 minutes): Christopher Nolan and key members of his cast and crew dissect crucial sequences, unveil the process behind Nolan’s largely practical effects, and dig into the production in twelve excellent Focus Point-esque featurettes. Featurettes include “The Prologue: High-Altitude Hijacking,” “Return to the Batcave,” “Beneath Gotham,” “The Bat,” “Batman vs. Bane,” “Armory Accepted,” “Gameday Destruction,” “Demolishing a City Street,” “The Pit,” “The Chant,” “The War on Wall Street” and “Race to the Reactor.”
      • Characters (Disc 2, HD, 28 minutes): Three more featurettes round out the production overview — “The Journey of Bruce Wayne,” “Gotham’s Reckoning” and “A Girl’s Gotta Eat” — which delve into the characters of Bruce Wayne, Bane and Selina Kyle. A commentary or more sprawling production documentary would have been a terrific addition to it all, but Nolan and company have covered their bases and delivered an extensive glimpse into Nolan’s craft, the development of the film and the intricacies of the third and final entry in the Dark Knightcycle.
      • Reflections (Disc 2, HD, 15 minutes): Finally, “Shadows & Light in Large Format” touches on Wally Pfister’s cinematography and lighting, Nolan’s location shoots, traditional vs. IMAX photography, and the film’s production design, while “The End of a Legend” finds the filmmakers bidding farewell to the Dark Knight trilogy.
      • The Batmobile (Disc 2, HD, 58 minutes): “There’s something incredibly primal about the relationship between man and machine. It’s extraordinarily powerful.” Nolan, Batmobile craftsman and engineers, and a host of other comic book and film industry familiar faces discuss the history of the Batmobile, its evolution as Batman’s most iconic tool, and its various small and big screen incarnations. It’s a fantastic documentary, even if it doesn’t focus exclusively on Dark Knight Rises.
      • Trailer Archive (HD, 9 minutes): Four theatrical trailers round out the package.

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