December 11, 2012

Versus: 300 vs. Immortals

300 gets more love from the public and Immortals tends to get dumped on a little more than it deserves. Let’s go through the Pros and Cons of each film and decide a winner, then add your thoughts below.






  • Stunning visuals and frankly amazing direction from Zack Snyder; this film is a lesson in style.
  • Fantastic score with a mixture of orchestra and even electric guitar. It shouldn’t work, but it does.
  • Gerard Butler gives a career best performance as King Leonidas.
  • David Wenham from LOTR is in it. I love that guy.
  • Well paced with plenty of action.
  • Plenty of quotable lines.
  • Plenty of blood n’ guts.


  • There’s a really crap looking CGI wolf in it.
  • Despite the quotable lines, some of the dialogue/acting is really over the top and cheesy, even by my standards.
  • Some scenes really feel like a rip-off of Gladiator.




  • Stunning visuals, especially the final shot of the movie with the battle in the heavens, it was that visual from the trailers that sold me on it.
  • Mickey Rourke is the bad guy, any film is better with Mickey Rourke in it. He oozes menace in this movie.
  • Even more blood n’g guts than 300; the violence in this movie is brutal.
  • Astounding sondtrac with fantastic choral music which work so well with the visuals.
  • Freida Pinto is a Goddess in real life so it’s nice to see her in this. She looks stunning in it.
  • Real imagination used in some of the set-pieces.
  • The 3D was fantastic in the cinema.


  • Some of the costumes are hilarious; why do the gods look like they are wearing lampshades?
  • When Theseus is giving his speech at the end and everyone is banging their shields, I keep expecting everyone to start singing/dancing.
  • Lacks the quotable dialogue of 300.



So there you have it, I’ve dissected both movies, but which is my personal favourite? I have to say Immortals, I know everyone will disagree but the reason I love it is when I watched it in the cinema, my jaw dropped at how stunning the visuals were. When that tidal wave crashed into the boat and the God Poseidon flew to earth smashing through the water, I just thought it was such an imaginative visual.

I really loved the music and I just thought the visuals in general were less, well… brown than 300. 300 is a very brown film; I still love it and it’s fun to do a double bill of both movies but Immortals is the winner for me. There’s a poll below so cast your vote and tell us why below.

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