December 22, 2012

Who Are The Next Action Stars?

While watching my shiny blu ray of The Expendables 2 last night, it got me thinking; where are the next generation of action heroes? I don’t mean The Rock, Vin Diesel, etc, but younger actors or martial artists.

There are too many actors of this new generation that are a bunch of pretty boys and don’t fit the ideal of an action hero. So here’s who I’ve come up with and it’s a pretty short list:

Scott Adkins: He is easily the number one and deserves to be the biggest action star on the planet, he can act, he can kick ass and he comes across as a smashing bloke in real life.

Johnny Strong: Star of Sinners & Saints, makes knives in his spare time, practices several martial arts and rumour has it that he chews broken glass for breakfast. Apparently it has calcium.*

Kristopher Van Varenberg (JCVD’s son): He has been acting for a good few years now and is only in his 20’s. With upcoming roles in Welcome to the Jungle and Enemies Closer his future looks very bright and I really hope he becomes the next action star. He should get a role in Expendables 3 as a passing of the torch.

Chris Hemsworth: Although he’s most famous for playing Thor, Hemsworth has the look and feel of an action star and did a great job in the Red Dawn remake from earlier this year. Not only is he a convincing action star but he can also act too.

Sam Worthington: Another Australian (like Hemsworth) who has the natural tough guy look; I’m a big fan of Worthington and I would love to see him in a movie with Statham. They could compare stubbles.

Jason Momoa: Although the Conan remake is considered a disappointment, it did show that Momoa has the screen presence and muscles to be a genuine action star. I’m looking forward to seeing him up against Stallone in Bullet to the Head.

Iko Uwais: Star of one of 2012’s best action movies (The Raid: Redemption), Iko is a stunning martial artist and was extremely likable on screen. I think we can look forward to him busting heads in the future.

Cung Le: His starring role in this year’s Dragon Eyes and The Man with the Iron Fists demonstrated that he sure knows how to break necks when required.

Tony Schiena: Star of Circle of Pain and Locked Down, he knows how to fight and really looks the part of a tough guy.

Jeremy Renner: Despite starring in the god awful Bourne shit this year, his role in Mission: Impossible, The Hurt Locker and The Avengers shows that he knows how to kick ass. I will say though that I can never remember his name though, which isn’t a good sign.

That’s about it actually, there doesn’t look like a new Stallone or Arnie any time in the near future and that makes me sad. Put the comic books down kids and go to the bloody gym.


*Utter lies.


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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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