December 12, 2012

Who Should Play MacGyver in the New Film?

As you all know James Wan (Insidious, Saw, Death Sentence) will be directing an updated version of MacGyver. I have no idea how they can make it work, but the only way is that they make him a special ops kinda guy and no doubt they will go the Bourne route which frankly may be the only way to go today.

I have been racking my brains about who could play the character, who may not have his mullet any more (unacceptable). I’m sure everyone will say Jeremy Renner because he’s in every single movie right now, but I’d rather not have him in the role.

I’ve read various discussions on the interwebs and an interesting choice was Josh Holloway (Sawyer) from Lost. He’s got the blond hair and I’m sure it could be fashioned into a mullet.

Chris Hemsworth is proving himself quite the action star these days so he could probably give it a good shot.

Owen Wilson would be good if it was a comedy version, but we already had that in MacGruber a few years ago.

I also read a suggestion for Ethan Hawke; he’s a great actor so I could dig it.

So, who do you guys think should play the ultimate action hero?

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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