February 19, 2013

Abert Pyun to Screen Director’s Cut of Cyborg in Chicago

Director Albert Pyun will be coming to Chicago on Saturday, March 9th to screen his long awaited Director’s Cut of the JCVD classic Cyborg. But that’s not all; he will also be showing Nemesis and Road to Hell.

Entry is $12. Albert Pyun will be making presentations and greeting fans. You can bring items for Albert to sign at no charge, or purchase DVDs, soundtracks, and posters available at his table. I MUST find a way to get there, it’s not THAT far away from here.

Location: The Patio Theatre
6008  W. Irving Park Rd.

Buy Tickets Here

Check out the full 16 minute promo below.

Albert Pyun’s YouTube page states the following about the promo:

This is the promo for the Triple Threat Screening Event in Chicago. Produced by GALACTIC FORCE and the PATIO THEATER. The promo is to remind or introduce audiences to my older cult films – CYBORG (1989) the DIRECTOR’s CUT and NEMESIS (1993) DIRECTOR’S CUT – and my newest film ROAD TO HELL (2013). The promo is ungodly long but covers the the older films in a way to reveal why they are cult films and the newest film with multiple clips to give the audience a real feel of the Rock N’ Roll aspect of the film. Even at 16 minutes, I hope it works and is not too boring for this fast paced world. NOT THE FINAL RE-MASTERED MOVIES TO BE SCREENED! A draft version for the purposes of this promo.”

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