February 5, 2013

NCIS Set for Another Spin-Off

NCIS is one of my favourite shows on TV; it always has interesting stories, a likable cast and an entertaining script; NCIS:LA? Not so much. I could never get into it and found that everything I like about the original NCIS is seriously lacking.

The script is unbelievably cheesy and the cast are annoying aside from LL Cool J. Recently it has improved though and word is that a new spin-ff is currently in development.

According to Deadline: Edwin Hodge (Red Dawn) has become the first series regular cast in CBS’ NCIS: LA spinoff project. The project, from NCIS: LA executive producer/showrunner Shane Brennan, is a back-door pilot will air as an episode of NCIS: LA later this season titled Red. It follows a mobile team of agents who are forced to live and work together as they crisscross the country solving crimes. Hodge, repped by Pakula/King & Assoc. and The Priluck Co., will play Kai Ashe, the incredibly bright, witty and likable technical assistant, an all-round tech savvy computer guy and expert on everything.  Hodge’s casting in the NCIS: LA spinoff comes on the heels of him guest starring in an episode of the mothership NCIS series this past fall. He was a regular on the WB’s Jack & Bobby and has recurred on Cougar Town as Busy Phillips’ love interest.

Source: Deadline

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