February 9, 2013

The Chosen Few

I was reading somewhere that said a female could play a young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies; at first I was ready to hurl a tirade of abuse at the article until I read it. Now the point they were making is that so many of the young crop of actors in Hollywood today are puny girlie men with soft faces; none of whom are the right fit to play a scruffy smuggler in a Galaxy far, far away.

Several of the main actors that are always around for big projects were mentioned and I sometimes wonder if they all come off an assembly line.

Was Harrison Ford a star when he played Han? No. Does star power even matter in today’s world? No. Nobody can guarantee box office. Star Wars will make money no matter who is in the cast because of the brand name alone, so why not go with an unknown? For example, this guy is a better Han Solo than Ryan Reynolds or Zac Efron would ever be.

Anthony Ingruber as Han Solo

Nothing against the other guys mentioned as they are all decent actors but they just aren’t the right fit for the character; but there are very few people who are huge stars that could pull it off today.

The same names are always slung around these days for every project; I mean do we really need Ryan Reynolds playing THREE (Green Lantern, Deadpool, Whatshisname in Blade Trinity) comic book characters, Chris Evans playing two comic characters (Captain America, Johnny Storm) and more?

There are plenty of other actors out there hungry for work and Anthony Ingruber is just the right guy for the job if you ask me. He looks like Ford, gives off the cockiness of the character and just plays it perfectly.

It’s funny how I find myself going to the movies less these days and watching more straight to DVD movies as there are more interesting actors in them, like Scott Adkins and Johnny Strong.

Why do these guys not get to be in bigger movies? The whole “sensitive male” thing is lame, always has been and always will be. Guys should be allowed to be guys and this pretty boy shit needs to go away.

Will it? No. Why? Because women rule the box office these days. I don’t know where all the men are when action movies come out but any movie that’s aimed at women makes millions of dollars while any guy oriented movies tend to disappear.

I’ve completely forgotten what the point of this article is, but that’s why I think the dinosaurs became extinct. So there.

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Eoin Friel
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