February 8, 2013

Whatever Happened to the Kane & Lynch Movie?

Funny you should ask that as there have been rumours going around that Bruce Willis may be teaming up with Jason Statham for the long delayed video game adaptation.

It was originally meant to be directed by F. Gary Gray and star Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx but for reasons unknown to me it has never materialised. Then it was also meant to be directed by Simon Crane and that never happened either, so what’s the deal, kids? It was also meant to be out in 2011. You can see (to the left) that they even had a teaser poster.

If anybody with power in Hollywood sees this then please, for the love of God give us Willis and Statham together. This would give Statham the hit he richly deserves and could even give him a new franchise.

For those who don’t know, the story is about a pair of Death Row inmates, a mercenary named Kane and a schizophrenic named Lynch, who escape during a prison transport and team up to retrieve a stolen fortune.

Imagine the banter you could have between Willis and Statham. A far more interesting team up than Foxx & Willis. What do you guys think? Willis and Statham? Or Willis and Foxx?


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Eoin Friel
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