February 2, 2013

Why Christian Bale is Awesome

Before Terminator Salvation was about to be released some tapes came out of Christian Bale berating the DOP of the movie for ruining a take. The world suddenly turned against him and it arguably affected the movie’s box office. It didn’t really bother me that much because as far as I was concerned, the man is Batman; you just do what he says and move along.

We all have bad days where we shout at people; hell I throw things all over the place when I’m angry, the Hulk’s got nothing on me. So I think that Mr. Bale was having a bad day at work and alas for him the sound guy recorded it.

He wisely stayed out of the public limelight for a while and then he won his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his stellar performance in The Fighter.

To me he gave one of the most humble and great speeches I’ve seen at the Oscars and I think it was essentially Hollywood forgiving his misbehaviour.

Then last year just when The Dark Knight Rises was about to be released a tragedy occurred in a town called Aurora. A madman opened fire on a group of cinema goers killing several for no reason other than he was utterly insane.

After a day or so there were calls for Christian Bale to pay a visit to some of the survivors dressed as Batman; a lot of people thought it was a crass idea and it would have been. But Bale is a class act and he went to visit the survivors as Christian Bale rather than Batman. He sat and talked with them and discussed the events with them too.

Bale had well and truly proven himself a decent guy; audiences flocked to see his final performance as Batman and it was a massive hit. Then a few weeks back he phoned a young boy with leukemia who was a big Batman fan. Check out the video below and I dare you not to cry.

He didn’t do that for ratings or to promote a movie. As far as I’m concerned Bale did it because he is a decent human being. It’s easy to be cynical in this day and age and say “oh, it’s just a publicity stunt”. Perhaps it was, but to me I think this is someone who deserves a tip of the hat. So Mr. Bale I salute you, sir.

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Eoin Friel
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