March 24, 2013

Canadian Film Fest: Skull World and For Clearer Skies

On Friday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the World Premiere of the documentary Skull World and the cast and crew were in attendance. Skull World is the story of Greg Sommer AKA Skull Man who according to the film’s synopsis “is an enigma, wrapped inside a mystery, encased in a Jean-Jacket Vest. An enterprising man in his early 30s, Greg, and his alter-ego SKULL MAN, are at war. Box Wars that is. Welcome to Greg’s world. A world of warriors, magic, and glory. A world of metal. Greg is building the Canadian-chapter of BOX WARS, an international underground movement of Cardboard-based combat. SKULL WORLD follows two years in the life of Greg, and sheds light on exactly what makes him, and his goals in life, so unique. A comedic and moving journey awaits, not for the faint of heart.”

I have to say that I haven’t had a better time at the cinema this year; Skull World had such a sense of fun and Greg Sommer has charisma that jumps off the screen. I found myself smiling from beginning to end and everyone involved has enthusiasm and likability in spades.

You can tell they have all put a lot of effort into their Box Wars and I can totally see action figures of Skull Man and Co. on the shelves in the future. The documentary spends a lot of time with Greg trying to make Box Wars into a TV series and I personally think it HAS to happen.

With all of the reality dreck on TV these days, it would be nice to see something that’s just good old fashioned, harmless fun. Such passion and innovation deserves to be seen and I really hope Greg and his Box Wars buddies make it to the big time.

The thing about Skull World is it really gave me an insight into the Canadian lifestyle; I’m from Scotland and a relative newcomer to the country, so seeing this good natured fun and these guys all working together in creating something special really gave me a feel for innovative spirit of Canadians.

Skull Man is such a great creation and although he already has cult status, I forsee him becoming legendary soon enough.


Before Skull World began we had a short film called For Clearer Skies. It was actually pretty brutal and I wasn’t sure what to make of it for the first few minutes; as it unfolds and we find out what is going on it really grabbed me. The plot is about a man who struggles to decide whether or not to pursue survival as his race nears extinction.

The writer/director Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi is a real talent and I think if he was given a larger budget he could create a pretty damn spectacular sci-fi movie.

Unlike Skull World though, this isn’t “fun” and the self mutilation in the opening scene is pretty gruesome but it certainly does grab the attention. It’s also kind of weird to watch the opening credits of a movie and recognise someone’s name. The actress in the movie Kelly-Marie Murtha used to work with me in an Ad Agency downtown if I’m not mistaken.


The Film Fest took place in a Toronto Cinema called The Royal and I absolutely loved it. It had great leg room, comfy seats and some rather nice statues on either side of the cinema screens, definitely a bit nicer than Cineplex… and there’s no Time Play crap either.

I have to say that I had a blast with both films and I forsee Greg Sommer and Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi becoming hugely successful in the next few years. They are the type of filmmakers that deserve our support so if you get a chance to see either film then seek them out, you won’t be disappointed.



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