March 5, 2013

Poll: Would You Like Bale to Return as Batman?

As you may already know, there have been many rumours floating around these here interwebs that Christian Bale may don the cowl again as The Dark Knight in the Justice League movie. There’s also word that Nolan may be overseeing the project with Zack Snyder directing after Man of Steel. I’m sure Booms will be delighted at this prospect.

Not sure how I feel about this; I thought Bale was great as Batman but as far as I’m concerned they wrapped up his story arc at the end of TDKR; if anything it should be Joseph Gordon Levitt or someone new.

If Bale does come back I’m not about to be upset, because let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter but I’d rather see someone new. It would make Nolan’s Batman films a waste of time and remove any emotional impact from them.

The marketing for The Dark Knight Rises was about how “The Legend Ends” but really it was “The legend might end, but we’re gonna leave it open… just in case.”

Early word on Man of Steel is that it’s fantastic and I truly hope it is; I want to see a new trailer soon that gives us a bit more action and also has a bit of humour, but either way I will be there opening weekend because I’m a huge fan of the character.

I still have my doubts that we’ll ever get to see a Justice League movie; I don’t think it’s that much harder to do than The Avengers but for some reason I keep hearing about delays and rewrites and I wonder if we’ll see this team on the big screen any time soon.

Last I heard it was a good few years away from actually being made, so we shall see how Man of Steel does this summer. If it’s the success that everyone is expecting then they may fast track the Justice League into production.

So, if the JLA movie ever sees the light of day riddle me this:

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