April 23, 2013

8 Movies That Should NEVER Be Remade

To follow on from Booms’ blog about some movies that deserve the remake treatment, I thought I’d add my two cents.

Some movies you don’t mind if they get remade; sometimes they can even be better than the originals. There are however, certain movies that are iconic, where the characters are so memorable and the actors who played them are associated with them that to try and re-cast the role would be nigh on impossible. Here are 10 movies that if they are remade I will hunt down and destroy those responsible for even attempting it.

Dirty Harry






Dirty Harry Callahan IS Clint Eastwood and without him it just wouldn’t work. It also has a grittiness only ever found in 70s movies (my personal favourite decade of movies). Trying to reboot it would be a terrible idea as frankly there is no one as cool as Eastwood in the entire world. Fact.

The Godfather






Arguably the greatest gangster movie of all time, this movie works because of the performances, the storytelling, the slow pace, the atmosphere, the music and it’s just that epic kind of movie that really doesn’t exist anymore. Al Pacino and Marlon Brando give career best performances. For anyone to be arrogant enough to think they could make a better film would be worthy of being sent into the Phantom Zone for all eternity.

Raiders of the Lost Ark






Like Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood, Indiana Jones HAS to be played by Harrison Ford; there will never be anyone who could match his charm, charisma and wit as everyone’s favourite adventurer. The whole visual look of the fedora, the whip and the 5 o’clock shadow just fits Ford like a glove and although other actors have played the character (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) no one has ever come close to matching Ford. He just makes it look easy.

Back to the Future






This is very much a movie of 80s but it still stands up today with great effects and a strong story. The best thing about it though is the relationship between Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were perfectly cast in their respective roles and the only thing they could do with a remake is maybe some snazzier effects and adding in a total tool of a teenager. Oh and Alan Silvestri’s score is one of the all time greats as well.

Lethal Weapon






I keep hearing rumours of this happening and yet I refuse to believe it; all four Lethal Weapon films are still awesome and they don’t even have dated special effects or anything. There isn’t another script writer in Hollywood today who comes anywhere near Shane Black in his hey day so it’s not like they’ll improve the script, so don’t bother. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover made these roles their own and to try and recast these movies is asinine.

Rambo: First Blood






Aside from Rocky, this is Stallone’s most iconic character and remains his finest action role to date. Rambo is literally a man pushed too far, rejected by his country after returning from a war in Vietnam. Stallone makes Rambo vicious, yet sympathetic and vulnerable at the same time. You want him to succeed and despite him not being the lovable underdog that Rocky was, you still care for him because he is a man who has clearly been wronged far too many times.

The Terminator






Arnie’s biggest role is another one that should never get the remake treatment; the superior sequel  practically was anyway and like Back to the Future the only thing that could maybe be improved on is the special effects and the music. Arnie’s massive build and his robotic delivery of the lines made him the perfect fit for the emotionless killer.

Die Hard






To me this is sacred; don’t ever, EVER remake this movie. Bruce Willis is John McClane and vice versa. Willis brings an everyman charm to the character where he wasn’t an invincible superhero but a man trying to save his wife from an “exceptional thief”. He brought an arrogance and vulnerability that frankly no one today could bring to the role and if we must have another sequel how about we wait until McTiernan is out of jail because he is the only director who brings the best out of Willis and McClane.

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