April 16, 2013

Emilia McCarthy Interview

Emilia McCarthy, one of the stars of the new Netflix series Hemlock Grove stops by to chat about the show.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Eoin: So how did Hemlock Grove come about and how did you get involved?

Emilia: Hemlock Grove is based off of the novel written by Brian McGreevy and was then made into this 13 hour movie type of production. The audition process was fairly straight forward. I got called to audition in Toronto for Eli Roth, the director/producer, and after that it was the chemistry test for my fraternal twin; it was nice and easy!


Eoin: Can you tell us about your character Alyssa Sworn and what is it that drew you to her?

Emilia: My character Alyssa is one of the sheriff’s twin daughters. She’s honestly a typical teen girl trying to get through high school, high school dramas, boys etc. Only difference is that a typical teen probably wouldn’t be dealing with werewolves… It is because of this that Alyssa is quite relatable and fun to watch.

Eoin: You’re working with an all-star cast including Famke Janssen and Dougray Scott; did you get any interesting behind the scenes stories? Did they give you any career tips?

Emilia: Definitely! I remember Eli Roth and I having a great conversation about how I really want to go to New York and study at NYU. He was giving me some great insight on it, since he studied there.  It was awesome to hear it from him, who experienced it firsthand and has obviously been so successful.


Eoin: How many hours do you tend to spend on set in a day for the show?

Emilia: I would spend roughly 9 hours on set most days. Of course including hair, makeup, lunch; all the fun stuff!

Eoin: Is there a lot of improvisation or do you all tend to stick closely to the script?

Emilia: For the twins characters, we would do a lot of ad-libbing; acting off of each other. I really enjoy that aspect. I think it makes it feel more natural and likeable which ultimately shows on screen.

Eoin: Are there a lot of digital effects in the show and is it strange to work with them?

Emilia: There is a lot of digital effects and of course blood! It’s such a weird but awesome experience knowing firsthand all the tricks and secrets to horror movie filmmaking, and then seeing how great they turn out onscreen!

Eoin: What was it that drew to acting as a career?

Emilia: Acting and all things show-biz have always been my passion. Since a very young age I’ve always known that it was something I would love to do and would love to pursue as a full time career.

Eoin: What other projects do you have coming up?

Emilia: I have a YTV web-series coming out called Unlikely Heroes and another web-series, that’s still in pre-production called Kid’s Town. They’re both quite different than Hemlock Grove; they’re more of light, fun, family type shows. I’m also very excited about those!

Eoin: Is there a particular kind of role you’d like to play?

Emilia: Definitely a strong female lead in a good movie.  One of those where you are recognized as a genuinely good and unique actor.

Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts with us and all the best with your career.

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