April 11, 2013

Holt Boggs Interview

Today I am joined by actor, writer, and producer Holt Boggs.  Thank you for taking the time to talk to The Action Elite.

Anjanette: Your first major acting role was in the action film The Prodigy which was directed by William Kaufman.  You also wrote the script with Mr. Kaufman and produced the film.  What was this experience like for you? 


Holt: The Prodigy was a super ambitious film that only got made because we had no clue how impossible it was going to be to make happen. It was my first feature film and I was starring, co-writing and coproducing so I had a very full plate! The stress was high, as we were on the verge of getting shut down on almost a daily basis as we lost locations, crew members, shooting without permits, injuries, the harsh weather etc. and we didn’t have the money to throw at these problems. The biggest challenge was dealing with all of that, while maintaining focus on my performance. All of that being said, it was an AMAZING experience! It’ll never be that good or bad again. We got to make the film we wanted to make the way we wanted to make it, but under excruciating circumstances. I learned so much on that film. It was Film School, Acting Class, Distribution seminar, Marketing School and a Screenwriting course all wrapped into one. Coming out of that, as tough as it was, I felt like there’s nothing I can’t do now.

Anjanette: The action in The Prodigy was gritty and dark, but the film also had a “horror” element to it.  This blend of action and horror was unique.  Was this part of your vision for the film?


Holt: Definitely. This was our first film and we wanted to make as big of a splash as humanly possible. If we’d made a ‘coming of age’ film about fisherman, with no big names in it, it was probably not going to get that much attention. We knew horror and action did well, so we conceived a story that could sit in those genres and hopefully make it stand out.


Anjanette: There is an amazing knife fight scene in The Prodigy.  Did you do any special training for this?


Holt: No, and that was intentional. The back story on my character was he was an ex-boxer, where the assassin was a polished technician. We wanted the fighting to be almost clumsy at times, like a real fight. Working with Ron Balicki (fight choreographer), Will and I wanted the dynamics to be kind of like a bulldog vs. a panther. Ron is a skilled knife fighter, and we used a razor sharp knife during the fight, so as soon as he pulls it, I’m legitimately scared. We worked through the choreography, but as soon as the cameras were rolling, I just tried to avoid the blade and hit my marks.

Anjanette: You have a new film coming up called Hostage which is a horror/thriller.  In it, you play Eugene a man coping with the death of his family by living at the vacation cabin where they last stayed and discovering he is not alone.  Without giving too much away, what else can you tell us about the film?


Holt: Hostage is my baby right now. I’m so uber excited about that film! I had originally read the script a few years back and it floored me, scared the shit out of me! I immediately called Michael Yurinko and started begging and here we are! Michael wrote it and he’s a bit twisted upstairs if you know what I mean, but that makes for great story telling. He likes to really test his characters, pushing them past what seems physically or emotionally bearable and wants to see how they come through it. In the film, I play Eugene, a broken man, dealing with the recent loss of his wife and young daughter. He wakes and discovers that he’s snowed in. As he tries to find a way out, he also discovers that he’s not alone in the cabin.


Anjanette: What is your favorite action film?


Holt: Wow, that’s a tough one. I have a lot! Regardless of genre, I love films that are character driven. A few of my favorites, The Professional, Heat, Last Man Standing, Sinners and Saints, Boondock Saints, I love the Bourne series as well. I could go on and on…

Anjanette: Can you describe the process of preparing for an action role vs. a dramatic role?


Holt: The process is about the same for me from an intellectual standpoint. Of course, if I’m playing some sort of a bad ass, I need to figure out why I’m such a badass, where did my skills come from etc. For The Prodigy, I spent almost a year in boxing gyms. Aside from making me look like a fighter, it changed the way I walked and how my body was shaped etc.


Anjanette: You had a supporting role in one of my favorite TV series Jericho.  How different is a TV role versus a movie role for you?


Holt: For me, since I’ve focused more on film, I’ve just done a lot more of it. On the shows I have worked on, I usually just work for a day or two in a smaller costar role, whereas I’ve had more substantial roles in film, requiring a lot more commitment. That being said, I do see myself doing a lot more TV in the next few years.


Anjanette: Many of your roles have been very physically demanding.  How do you stay in shape?


Holt: I do a variety of things. I’m not really a ‘gym’ guy, but I love functional activities like boxing and I’m a big Parkour fan right now. I get bored really easy, so sitting and counting reps would drive me nuts.


Anjanette: Are there any other projects you have on the horizon that you can share?


Holt: It’s been a great year so far! I have a few coming up that I’m really excited about! I have a small role in the remake of the horror film, Hidden in the Woods and I’m also teaming up with Michael Yurinko for a thriller called October 30th. It’s an amazing script written by Patrick Hludzenski that takes place in 1938, the night of Orson Welles’ famous ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast. On the action side, I have another film in development that’s an all-out action film, The Wicked Garden set to shoot mid next year. It’s a really cool heist film with an ensemble cast. I play a dangerous sociopath that’s going after the ‘good guys’ on very bad ways. The action is gonna be stupid cool and I can’t wait to get this one going!!

Michael and I are also working on a TV pilot through our Screengage Company that is a futuristic action zombie show. Kind of a Bourne Identity meets The Walking Dead feel.


Anjanette: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with The Action Elite and all the best with your career.

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