April 20, 2013

Is This the Plot for Die Hard 6?


We were contacted by Jacqueline Swift who said there’s a rumour going around that British screenwriter and author Ben Trebilcook who penned a couple of Die Hard 4 drafts a few years back has done a treatment for a sixth. It is set in Japan and involves the Nakatomi Corporation having a commendation for John McClane on the 25th anniversary of the Nakatomi siege, which apparently some parties involved like. Seeing as one ‘Good Day’ producer is producing Trebilcook’s martial arts movie ‘Knockout’, it looks like he could actually be involved in ’6′.

I personally love this idea and it would be an ideal way to finish off the franchise; having McClane involved with Nakatomi again would be fantastic and it would be especially interesting if they could bring back Holly in some way. I’d personally call it Die Hardest or Old Habits Die Hard. Would you hate it if they killed of McClane or do you think it would be a good way to finish the franchise for good?

Source: Jacqueline Swift

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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