April 9, 2013

Where’s My District 9 Sequel?

Me and J-Man were saying recently how we loved District 9; it felt like something we hadn’t seen before and had great characters, a strong story and some amazing action in the second half. Who can forget how cool the mech warrior suit was?

The film made over $100 million domestically and $210,819,611 internationally and yet it’s been pretty much forgotten about by now.

Considering it only had a budget of $30 million I always thought a sequel would be inevitable but nothing happened. It’s not like it would feel like a tacked on sequel either; the story was open for a follow up and I would love to see how the story continues for Christopher and Wikus Van De Merwe (Sharlto Copley).

The film had dealt with interesting themes too, mostly the exploration of racism, especially during the time of Apartheid.  According to the movie’s Wikipedia page, it was inspired by District 6, an inner-city residential area in Cape Town that was declared a “whites only” area by the government in 1966. 60,000 people were forcibly removed and relocated to Cape Flats, 25 km away.

The film also refers to contemporary evictions and forced removals to new suburban ghettos in post-apartheid South Africa as well as the resistance of its residents. So yeah, not exactly lightweight fare, but a story with depth as well as action.

Director Neill Blomkamp has moved on and is working on his new sci-fi actioner Elysium which will get its first trailer release later today, but I can’t help thinking of the story that will never get told: District 10… or whatever you want to call it.

Elysium does like like it’s going to be pretty awesome and it has a quality cast, but I’d love it if after it was released then Blomkamp would go back to developing a follow up to District 9.

It’s a pretty sad day when an intelligent, well written, sci-fi action movie can’t get a sequel and yet dreck like A Haunted House already has a sequel in the works. That just doesn’t seem right to me.


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