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May 20, 2013

10 of the Best: Expendables Moments

With all of this talk about the upcoming Expendables 3 I thought it would be a good time to go over some of my personal favourite moments from the first two movies in the series. Not just the action scenes but some of the quiet moments that stand out too.




10) Lee Christmas and Yin Yang vs. The Brit (The Expendables): Watching Gary Daniels climactic battle with Statham and Jet Li is fantastic especially in the director’s cut which is just better shot with less shaky cam. Watch as Daniel’s neck gets broken in a very nasty way.

9) Tool’s Confession (The Expendables): Mickey Rourke gives the best acting performance of the entire series in this one scene. Filled with regret, he remembers how he could have saved a life but chose not to. Haunted by the girl killing herself Tool still can’t live with himself. I for one am delighted that Rourke will be back for Part 3.

8) Billy’s Death (Expendables 2): When Jean Vilain (JCVD) makes his entrance the cinema went quiet. He talks about respect, gets Barney and his men to lie down and drop their weapons, then decides to kill Billy (Liam Hemsworth) anyway It was such a shocking scene because you thought this was going to be a new popular character to the series.

7) Hector vs. Christmas (Expendables 2): A battle of Britain this one, Jason Statham vs. Scott Adkins. Although it’s too short, it’s a visceral shot to the head as every kind of punch and kick is used resulting in Hector getting sliced and diced by a helicopter blade. Can’t beat a classic.

6) The 3 Amigos (The Expendables): Arnie, Sly and Bruce Willis together on screen for the first time was such a great highlight in the first movie, only to be slightly ruined in the second movie by far too much self-reverential humour and lashings of cheese. This scene however was handled brilliantly and Willis especially owns it.

5) Omaya Kaboom (The Expendables): I don’t think any other scene in recent years has garnered so many cheers and laughs than this one did when I saw it in the cinema. Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) takes out wave upon wave of bad guys with his noisy and effective gun, effectively saving the day.

4) The Basketball Court Scene (The Expendables): There’s something about a bully getting his comeuppance and whenever Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) finds out that his ex-Lacey has been beaten up by her new man, he goes on the hunt to teach him some manners. It’s one of the most satisfying scenes and for me it’s the most emotionally involved fight. You just don’t hit girls and when people do that makes me mad. Check out the scene below and prepare to cheer.

3) Barney Ross vs. Jean Vilain (Expendables 2): There are few things more satisfying than watching these two titans of action beating the crap out of each other. Jean-Claude Van Damme gives one of his best performances as the villain and watching them both go at it, is arguably the best fight scene of the series.

2) The Harbour Explosion (The Expendables): I remember cheering in the cinema the first time I watched this scene; it was something I hadn’t seen before and arguably remains the most spectacular moment of the series.

1) The Opening Scene (Expendables 2): For me this is easily the best part of both movies. The opening 15 minutes of The Expendables 2 has jaw dropping action and watching Sly and co blow shit up is the stuff of legend.

HONOURABLE MENTION: CHUCK F**KING NORRIS (Expendables 2): Sure it is extremely cheesy but I was overjoyed at this scene when The Expendables are facing their darkest hour and all of a sudden are saved by a man known as the Lone Wolf…


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