May 7, 2013

A Girl’s Guide to Action Films

There are certain things every woman should know about action movies and here are a few I’ve come up with below.







1. In action films men are REAL men

One of the greatest things that women can take from an action film is seeing a man be a MAN. What do I mean? Action men are heroes. They take care of their women. They do whatever it takes to keep them safe. They take charge. They don’t share their “feelings” and they only cry under dire circumstances like a death. They don’t crumble under pressure but choose pressure as opportunity to rise to the occasion.

2. You won’t always like how women are portrayed in action films

In some action movies where the female character is NOT the lead, women aren’t always portrayed in the best light. They are usually “damsels in distress” who are saved by the hero. This isn’t always a bad thing as historically women LIKE a “Knight in Shining Armor”. On the other hand, some roles for women in action film are, let’s just say, demeaning. Some examples of roles for women that I dislike are the prostitute, the “bimbo with the bad guy” (the ditzy, voluptuous female who’s only purpose is to serve as arm candy for the villain), the stripper, and the crazy/psychotic ex- girlfriend/wife. These roles often cater to the male ego and do nothing but portray women as objects. Truth be known, the action genre is mostly for a male audience so it is unrealistic to think that movie makers will totally eliminate these types of roles in the future.

3. Female action heroes are empowering

It can be a psychological release to see a woman kick butt! Women are strong creatures by nature. They have a powerful influence over people in their lives. However, they endure stress just like everyone else. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a female action hero take charge, fight, and use weaponry to overcome circumstances and protect the ones they love. One classic example of female empowerment comes from the movie The Terminator. In the film, Sarah Connor changes from a demure waitress to a “warrior” when she discovers she is the future mother of a man who will change mankind and her extinction will cause him to never be born. She ceases to be a victim of her life’s events and becomes a heroine.

4. Action films and fairy-tale endings don’t always go together

In actions films, the guy doesn’t always get the girl and the girl doesn’t always get the guy. In action film the death of a loved one can serve as a catalyst for revenge and justice. How many times in action film have we seen the love interest of a main character die, only to see the hero come back and avenge their death? Death, revenge, and justice are common elements in action film that move the story along.

5. Action films can bring couples together

With so much to offer, an action film can give couples a chance to see a film that has something for everyone and be a great choice for a “date night”. While there is violence in action film, there are also themes of romance, loyalty, love, and friendship. Great action films also mix in fun and humor. It’s a good bet that after seeing an action film, there will be something to talk about!


About the Author

I'm just a girl who would rather watch stuff get blown up, shot up, or jacked up than sit in a theatre and cry. Action movies are my passion and I want to see this genre thrive again.



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