May 27, 2013

Contest: Win a Blu Ray of Charlie Zone & Sinners & Saints on Blu Ray

Our friends at Anchor Bay have once again supplied us with some shiny new Blu Rays for you to win; the first is Charlie Zone  starring Amanda Crew.

Synopsis: From Myriad Pictures, CHARLIE ZONE is a twisting dramatic thriller set against the drug-ravaged streets of one of Canada’s roughest neighborhoods. Avery Paul, a disgraced boxer and ex-convict, is hired to abduct a runaway from a crack house in the city’s notorious “Charlie Zone,” and return her safely to her family. But nothing goes quite as planned and nothing is quite what it seems. What follows is a harrowing ride through the underbelly of a seemingly picture-postcard Canadian city, as two lost people attempt to face the darkness—in their world and themselves—and hopefully find redemption.

CHARLIE ZONE is a compelling and multi-dimensional portrait of a place, its people, and their struggle to survive. 


The other Blu Ray is the modern classic Sinners & Saints starring Johnny Strong and directed by William Kaufman.

Synopsis: New Orleans detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) is given the assignment of investigating a series of brutal murders while trying to cope with the recent death of his young son. Through his investigation, he uncovers a shocking military conspiracy with the potential to trigger a full blown war between local gangs and international authorities.


All you have to do is answer this super easy question: Who is the director of Charlie Zone?

The contest is only open to residents of North America I’m afraid. All entries must be received by Thursday May 30th and winners will be announced Friday May 31st. Good luck!

Please submit your answer and contact details below.


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