May 25, 2013

Expendables What Ifs…

This isn’t anything about The Expendables 3, it was something somebody said to me yesterday about how cool it would be if John Rambo got to fight James Braddock.

It got me thinking, imagine if the Expendables movies were the actors playing their most iconic characters. Let’s face it, that’s what we wall wanted because the characters were all so memorable.



Sylvester Stallone: John Rambo – RAMBO SAGA

Arnold Schwarzenegger: John Matrix – COMMANDO

Chuck Norris: James Braddock – MISSING IN ACTION

Bruce Willis: John McClane – DIE HARD

Jason Statham: Frank Martin – THE TRANSPORTER

Dolph Lundgren: Lt. Nikolai Rachenko – RED SCORPION

Jean-Claude Van Damme: Chad & Alex Wagner – DOUBLE IMPACT

Scott Adkins: Yuri Boyka – UNDISPUTED 2 & 3

Jet Li: Hmm who is his most iconic character. Anyone??

Randy Couture and Terry Crews haven’t played any decent characters yet so they’re fired; let’s replace them with…

Mel Gibson: Martin Riggs – LETHAL WEAPON

Clint Eastwood: Dirty Harry Callahan – DIRTY HARRY

& Finally as an extra bonus, let’s have Chow Yun-Fat as Tequila – HARD BOILED

Obviously the story would be different, maybe make them all ex-cops or something but it would be cool to see these characters together. Well we pretty much do get them together with The Expendables but I still think all of these characters are a bit more interesting and frankly better developed. Anyway, just daydreaming…. I’ll be at Moes.






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Eoin Friel
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