May 28, 2013

Franchise Wars: Fast & Furious vs. The Expendables

With Fast & Furious 6 making nearly $100 Million at the box office in its opening weekend this week, it got me thinking; is this franchise better than The Expendables? After witnessing all the awesome action in Fast 6 I came out on an adrenaline high. Sure it doesn’t have the same action legends of The Expendables but in terms of action set-pieces it practically blows The Expendables out of the water, especially when one of the cast members may show up for part 7 as a villain…

The final action sequence in the plane during Fast 6 was jaw dropping and I noticed there was a lot more hand to hand combat in this movie compared to the other Fast movies. You’ve got the Rock and Vin Diesel beating up bad guys left and right and you have the best chick fight in years between Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez.

SOme may complain that it has a PG-13 rating and my response would be so what? Making it R wouldn’t actually add anything in terms of excitement or action. Is it silly? yes but so are The Expendbales movies. That’s what action movies are supposed to be, big, dumb fun.

It sounds like I am dumping on the Expendables but I am merely playing devil’s advocate. So here’s the other side’s argument.

The Expendables movies have the best action casts of all time; you’ve got Van Damme vs. Sly, Statham vs. Adkins, Arnie, Bruce, Dolph and more all kicking ass with exploding heads galore. It may not have the budget of the Fast & Furious series but it does still have some stunning action scenes: The harbour bombing in the first movie and the opening 15 minutes of Expendables 2 to say the least.

Both franchises are guilty of having clunky dialogue but like I said, they’re action movies; that’s the point!

For me I enjoy both franchises and it’s hard to pick a favourite but personally Sly is really going to have to bring his A game to Part 3. What do you guys think? Fast & Furious or The Expendables? Take the poll below and give your thoughts…

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Eoin Friel
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