May 14, 2013

Is Christopher Lambert Expendable?

According to Expendables Premiere The Highlander himself is now rumoured to be joining Sly and co. for the third Expendables movie and in a recent interview with Sci-Fi Universe he dropped a few hints. It’s translated from French which is why the English is a bit crap.

If tomorrow Stallone offers you a role in Expendables 3, what would you say?
It’s funny you ask because I met Stallone a month and a half ago. We were in the same hotel, we spent two hours together and… we’ll see, we’ll see (smiles). Then again, that’s something I’d really want to do. To tell you the truth, I liked the first Expendables better than the second. Which gives me hope for the third, not for me but for the movie, as there’s always a little downfall with the second and then the third is good again (note: he might be thinking of the Highlanders). There were nice things in the second but I prefer the first, in the same way I found John Rambo amazing and wonderfully filmed, because Stallone is an excellent director. He’s not subtle, I mean when he tears things in pieces… Wow! I loved it. So we’ll see for Expendables 3. Anyway, Stallone is someone I get along with really well and a fantastic human being.”

I really hope this happens; I’m a huge fan of Lambert and haven’t seen him in anything big for a long time.

Source: Expendables Premiere

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