May 16, 2013

Why Star Trek Fans Dislike J J Abrams

I’ve never been much for the Star Trek movies, frankly JJ’s 2009 movie is easily my favourite, although I do have a soft spot for Wrath of Khan too. Aside from that it’s not really my thing, but for many Trek fans J J’s reboot of the franchise is blasphemy.

Upon a recent viewing of the 2009 sci-fi/action opus a few things stood out. As fun as the movie is there is very little in the way of the philosophy of classic Trek. Why are we here? Is there a God? These are just some of the questions asked regularly in the older movies and TV Series.

J J has essentially turned Star Trek into a fast paced action movie with lots of style but very little else. The movie is almost too well paced where it doesn’t give the characters time to breathe or develop. Rather than being intelligent sci-fi, it’s loud explosion-filled fun.

It uses the lazy angle of time travel so they are able to essentially do whatever they like with the story and characters and not have to worry about the continuity with the other movies or TV shows.

J J admitted that he was never a Star Trek fan and was always more into Star Wars; so he essentially made a Star Wars film and called it Trek.  No wonder he’s been chosen to helm Episode VII.

Captain Kirk is now essentially Han Solo and is filled with wisecracks and one-liners. Speaking of wisecracks, there is just too much humour and comic relief especially with Kirk’s big hands, etc after being injected by McCoy.

Wait, Spock and Uhura are now an item? Speaking of Spock why would he banish Kirk onto an ice planet where he is essentially left for dead? This isn’t isn’t the kind of behaviour you would expect from Spock or any member of Starfleet frankly.

Kirk’s ascention to Captain feels rushed and utterly unbelievable where he’s getting shouted at one minute and promoted the next.

Like I said, I’ve never been a massive Trek fan but I can totally understand why they resent their beloved characters/TV Show turned into an action movie rather than intelligent sci-fi. These are only a few reasons I’ve heard from some friends who are fans, but their reaction to the movie is interesting.

Personally I’m looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend but I’m not expecting to to see too many true fans of the series to be that excited for it.




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Eoin Friel
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