June 28, 2013

Friday Fight: Robin Hood (Costner) vs. Robin Hood (Crowe)

It’s funny how the two BIG Robin Hood movies  don’t have an English actor in the role; it’s kinda hard to choose because frankly both of the actors fail to hide their accents, but let’s go anyway.

Interestingly enough, both actors have been in Man of Steel playing Superman’s different dads.




Russell Crowe

There’s something about Russell Crowe where I will watch him in anything; he brings authenticity to every role and although he has great physicality, he actually has quite a soft face making him likable and vulnerable too. His accent is all over the place in this movie though where he sounds like he’s from Liverpool one moment and then Yorkshire the next. The movie itself is rather dull and I would have much preferred if it was the original script for Nottingham instead. I loved the idea of telling the old Robin Hood tale from the perspective of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Instead we got a rather by the numbers swashbuckling movie with a forgettable script and a boring pace. What it does have though is some entertaining battle scenes and a great score. At least Crowe attempts an English accent though so he deserves props for that.


Kevin Costner

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came out at the very peak of Costner’s career and he was so popular that people didn’t seem to care that he didn’t even attempt an English accent. He’s like the most American of guys so it really is pretty excruciating to watch but unlike Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, this movie is a whole lotta fun with Alan Rickman on career best form as the Sheriff of Nottingham. It also has Morgan Freeman as Robin’s trusty sidekick whose name I can’t remember. Michael Kamen provides an excellent score too so both movies are not without merit, but both are hugely flawed.


OK so this is pretty tough but here goes, I think Prince of Thieves is the better movie purely for Alan Rickman but in terms of Robin himself, it has to be Russell Crowe because at least he ATTEMPTS an accent, no matter how terrible it may be. Also Ridley Scott just rules.


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