June 24, 2013

JCVD to Star in Dubai Force AKA Luxury Meets Justice

This is actually old news and the reason I hadn’t reported it before is frankly I thought it was a joke. Surprisingly it isn’t and Jean-Claude Van Damme will starring in a new TV Series called called Dubai Force: Where Luxury Meets Justice. I saw some clips to it recently and the footage was from The Eagle Path/Full Love.

Is this the same movie just with a new name again? Also check out the photoshopped poster which is clearly Alex from Double Impact.

You may remember JCVD already did a movie in the glamorous world of counterfeit jeans in the pretty awful Knock Off.

This new project has JCVD hired by the Dubai Police Force where he trains and motivates a special investigation unit known as Dubai Force. They investigate cyber crimes,  slavery, smuggling, weapons and more. Masterminded by the tycoons whose addiction to luxury oversteps the rules of justice, the Dubai Force fight international jet-set crime. Every episode is set in another city which will be home to a Tycoon scheming a plan to be executed in Dubai.

Does this sound like a joke to anyone else?  Hmm not sure about this at all however if JCVD is involved then I will of course be checking it out.

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Eoin Friel
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