June 6, 2013

Lisa Cheng Joins Lady Bloodsport Cast

Lisa Cheng, known as ‘Hong Kong’s Spidergirl’ has been added to the cast of ‘Lady Bloodsport’. According to B & E Productions, before embarking on an action movie career, Lisa had already conquered several other challenging fields of physical endeavour. She was won numerous events as a bodybuilder and rock climber, and also competes in the unique Hong Kong ‘bun mountain’ climb on the island of Cheung Chau. Cheng is also a personal trainer at the Hayabusa gym in Central. She plays the role of Hung Gar expert ‘Lam’ in ‘Lady Bloodsport’.

Cheng joins cast & crew members Ian Campbell, Alana Fruen, writer/producer Bey Logan, Rachel Poon, 2nd assistant action director Ryan Logan, Christina Oshunnyibose, Julian Gaertner, Nelly Musei, Natalie Lund, action director Temur Mamisashvilli, Joy Wang, Joyce Lui, Natalie Ng,  Assistant action director Andrew Dasz and co-producer Ty Lawson.

Plot: A hidden tournament in a secret Hong Kong location. A clash of rival martial arts masters. A familiar scenario, but this time the combatants will be a world class array of fighting furies. ‘Lady Bloodsport’ sees a line-up of woman warriors do battle in a story of two rival martial arts masters who each train a student to compete in a secret underground tournament.

Check out the gallery below for some behind the scenes pictures. Thanks to Andrew Dasz for getting in touch about the movie.

SOURCE: B & E Productions

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