June 4, 2013

Short Film: IL Y A TOUJOURS UNE SOLUTION (There Is Always a Way)

We received a link from Shawn Bernal for the short film titled IL Y A TOUJOURS UNE SOLUTION (There Is Always a Way). Prepare for some bone crunching martial arts action where you will feel every punch and kick.

What I love about this film is that it actually shows that fighting hurts. Sounds like a dumb thing to say but sometimes you watch movies and there is very little blood when people get hit in the face. As someone who has been in his fair share of fights I can tell you that yes, you will bleed when someone punches you repeatedly. The fight in this film is expertly executed and Anthony Pho deserves to be a successful action star in his own right.

I’ve taken the details from the YouTube page and posted them below for your information. I absolutely love the song “Table Tennis (feat. Laura Darlington)” by

Test fight created for French stunt actor Anthony Pho

Featuring Shawn Bernal

Emmanuel Manzanares

Emmanuel Manzanares

Gravity and Momentum

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Eoin Friel
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