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June 28, 2013

The Lone Ranger: Hit or Miss?

So next week Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in the new HUGE budget adaptation of the classic Lone Ranger. So far the trailers haven’t drawn me in; there is lots of loud action but the script looks pretty bad and the tone is all over the place. Is it meant to be a comedy? Is it serious? Why does Depp have a bird on his head?

I love my Westerns and will definitely be there to watch it but it really isn’t generating all that much buzz and I still wonder if the $200 million budget was justified.

I seriously doubt it’s going to make that, at least domestically. Besides, what the hell is a Western doing costing 200 mil? The genre hasn’t been big at the box office for a long time so why do they think this will draw people in? It’s quite simple: The Depp factor.

One thing that should never be underestimated is Johnny Depp; the man is pretty much box office gold these days and his films tend to bring in a huge amount of cash. This is also from the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (not Part 4) which in total made well over a billion dollars.

I was reading in a magazine the other day how Johnny Depp has been spending the past few years playing characters hidden under lots of make up and they are all pretty eccentric, but it sort of feels like Depp on autopilot. I’d have to agree actually; it’s been a while since we’ve seen him do the more edgy stuff that made him popular like Donnie Brasco, etc.

I do like Armie Hammer though and think this might be his big breakout role; he also has a cool name.

When a studio takes such a big risk with a movie, I want it to succeed because a lot of people have worked hard on it and it would be a shame for all that hard work to be for nothing.

So far, The Lone Ranger is on target to make $44 million in its opening weekend, which isn’t too bad but for a film of this size, I would have thought it’d need to be a lot bigger. We’ll know for certain next weekend.

What do you kids think? Are you looking forward to the movie? Do you think it will be a hit or miss?


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