June 18, 2013

Who Would you Cast as Lex Luthor in a Man of Steel Sequel?

Seeing as the new Superman movie has just made a gajillion dollars* at the box office this weekend, word is they are already fast-tracking a sequel. Although the greatest criminal mind of our time never makes an appearance in the movie, we do get to see a few LexCorp trucks, hinting that we may get to see him in Part 2.

I immediately started wondering who could play Lex Luthor in the movie and a few names come to mind.

I remember before the movie came out there were rumours of Bradley Cooper playing Lex; I like Cooper as an actor but he ain’t Lex, he just doesn’t feel right, but I can think of a few other actors who would fit the part.


2817vneosnd9First of all Mark Strong I think would be good as he can class up any movie; hell, he essentially already played Lex in Kick Ass a few years back. He has the intelligent but foreboding countenance and I think he could be a great mental adversary for Supes but also have a big baddie like Brainiac so we still get plenty of smashy smashy to go with the mind games.





Billy Zane is also another personal favourite; he just has the look totally down. He hasn’t been in anything big since Titanic really and he could use the career boost too. When he’s wearing a suit, like in the profile picture here, he IS Lex.





StanleyTucciincremeStanley Tucci may be a bit old now but if he was cast as Lex I wouldn’t complain because he is such a fantastic actor. I’ve never seen him give a bad performance and when he plays a villain he can be menacing as hell.





normal_otherworkblackhawkdown04Jason Isaacs has played plenty of bad guys in his time but that’s because he’s absolutely terrifying when he’s a villain.






562739-michaelfassbenderAlthough he’s now more associated with the X-Men series Michael Fassbender would (as usual) be fantastic in the role. He could play Lex understated and calm but still duplicitous and nasty.





mwbn1lSomebody suggested Viggo Mortensen which I think is a pretty interesting choice too; he’s another versatile actor who could bring something special to the role. P.S. that picture makes him look like an evil baby and is the scariest thing I have ever seen.






OK, how’s this for left field? Bruce Willis! Yeah that’s right, he’d kick Superman’s ass by using one-liners… and punches in the face. McClaaane!





I kinda like the idea of making Lex scary as well as ruthless. The new Superman is now more of a warrior rather than a Boy Scout so making Lex pretty vicious would make sense.

So that’s all I can come up with, but I’m sure you kids have better ideas so who would you cast as Lex Luthor?

*Not a real number

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